Facebook Photo Bookmarklet

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Want to easily download all the photos you're tagged in on Facebook? Of course you do. Facebook doesn't want you to, because they are assholes.

Screw that. Here's a quick and dirty solution using a browser extension and a bookmarklet.

The instructions are for your tagged photos, but this will actually work on any album. Enjoy.

  1. Use a modern browser. None of this Internet Explorer shit.
  2. Install an extension that lets you download all the images on a page, like DownThemAll.
  3. Drag this link to your bookmarks: Get photos
  4. In Facebook, click on your own name, then click on Photos.
  5. Scroll down until it has loaded everything.
  6. Click on the bookmark. Your page should disappear and be replaced by full-size photos.
  7. Tools -> DownThemAll Tools -> DownThemAll, choose a folder, and click Start.
  8. Count your photos to make sure you got everything. This doesn't handle videos, so go back and grab those manually.

Problems? Suggestions? Raise an issue on Github.

Created by Ian Young.